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Testing of ABS components in the axle production of the VAG Group.

Auto-Keramik-Scheibenbremse mit gelben S
ABS Prüfsystem

We have been testing the ABS components in the axles since 1994. Our measuring system is used directly in the axle production to test the components - sensor and pulse wheel - directly after installation. The test directly in the production line guarantees a 100% test of the components in accordance with the quality requirements of the VAG Group. As a result of the integration into production, the measurement data obtained are transmitted to the PLC and thus stored centrally together with other data determined in production.

ATEX MobileComputing

ATEX Mobile Computing

The use of mobile devices in Ex areas has become indispensable today. Compact, light and high-performance is also possible in ATEX Zone 1.

Aegex Logo

About Aegex Technologies


Aegex Technologies is a global provider of certified, intrinsically safe solutions that connect people, equipment and data in industries with hazardous areas.


By providing real-time data information on the operation and condition of the systems, Aegex enables companies to make intelligent and data-supported decisions. These help to change the way people work and improve efficiency, safety and productivity.


Aegex solutions, including mobile communications devices and IoT sensors and platforms, are certified for use in the world's most dangerous areas - Class I, II, III, Division 1 and ATEX / IECEx Zone 1. They deliver actionable insights in critical environments such as oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy / utilities, aviation and emergency response.


Our intrinsically safe tablet aegex10, the NexVu IoT solution and future products support strategic partners, technology leaders, system integrators and distributors around the world.

Schnelle Messwerterfassug

Fast data acquisition

When it has to be fast, accurate and reliable. Then we always use products from our manufacturer RTP Corp. back from Florida.

Image by Mihály Köles

Product details


RTP offers the most diverse hardware configuration to achieve the desired SIL level. With the intuitive user interface, any redundant hardware configuration can be created with just a few clicks of the mouse. The redundancy is transparent to both the end user and the designer.

RTP offers a 10-year guarantee to provide superior security. RTP systems meet the highest quality requirements in the process industry. RTP NetSuite offers an unrestricted site license with free software upgrades for a one-time registration fee and no annual maintenance costs.

RTP Corp. supports cost containment in many ways:

  • Hardware procurement costs are low due to the highly automated manufacturing process at RTP

  • The software is offered as a one-time site license without limitation of the installations, measuring points, applications or control loops

  • Simplified program creation through the use of IEC 61131-compliant tools

  • The use of RTP for safety and control technology means that the engineering and maintenance staff only need knowledge of one system and thus lower training costs.

  • Each I / O subrack offers up to 18 I / O slots, redundant chassis processors and power supplies.

The RTP 3000 TAS system


The RTP3000 TAS is certified for SIL-1 to SIL-3 applications. It can be used both as an independent safety controller, as a decentralized control system for critical applications or combined for both functions in a 3000 controller. The 3000 TAS uses voting routines to ensure that the running process is protected and just as importantly, that the 99.9999% (6x NINE) availability reduces costly downtime. The I / O redundancy can be achieved individually. The integrity and availability of each individual entry and exit point can be configured as required for use in the process.

  • TÜV tested

  • Suitable for control system and safety

  • A 3000 TAS controller can be used both for regulation tasks and as a controller for safety tasks

  • The SIL-3 level is achieved with triple and double redundant configurations.

  • Simple configurations already offer the SIL 2 level

  • The controllers communicate with common host applications via a common network

  • Redundant and triple redundant controllers can be accommodated in different locations to ensure operational safety in the event of a disaster.

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