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Industry software.


IntelaTrac® is a mobile management system for the automation of work processes in extensive industrial plants. The flexible solution from the manufacturer Wonderware, Houston reduces operating costs and supports service personnel in the field as well as training new employees.

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Industrie Software

The use of IntelaTrac - a combination of mobile workflow management software and handheld computer - increases the productivity of the "inspection tours" to a high degree. The system supports the Windows 10 operating system as well as the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. It is designed for use in refineries, chemical plants, power plants, oil / gas production companies and pipelines, but also in the paper and automotive industries, where there are thousands of measuring and testing points that must be regularly inspected by specialists. Your tasks - be it checking valves, pressure and filling levels, checking aggregates and meter readings, taking samples or measuring vibrations and noises - will be easier and more efficient with IntelaTrac.


The fast, wireless acquisition of monitoring data in Ex areas or at poorly accessible measuring points also makes the work of the mobile units safer. Measurement results and diagnostic data are immediately transmitted to the system and all work processes are optimized so that all information about assets and procedures is available on site. Work instructions and lists are individually adapted to the production area, training, shift or technology. Information about unusual or critical conditions and instructions for elimination are also available, as are current procedures and decision-making aids.


IntelaTrac offers a complete package for Windows®-based mobile computers:
Secure wireless communication, factory-wide integration and RFID technology. In addition, input devices such as infrared thermometers and vibration sensors. Handling using the configurator is very easy, programming is not required.


The most important functions at a glance:

  • Procedure Builder: Create, edit and plan the inspection rounds

  • Advance Schedule Manager: Scheduling for laps, shifts and employees

  • Mobile IntelaTrac: Execution of the tours on a PDA

  • IntelaTrac workstation: Perform the tours on the desktop PC

  • Procedure Auditor: Checking and looking up the paths taken

  • Web reports: reports are generated in the browser, automatically sent by email, etc.


IntelaTrac offers, among other things, data access via Internet Explorer, data sorting, export to Excel, automatic report dispatch via e-mail, browser views, and configurable reports. IntelaTrac can be integrated company-wide, e.g. in SAP, MAXIMO, Aspen Tech InfoPlus, Meridium, OSI Soft PI, Honeywell PHD / Experion, TabWare and Yokogawa Exaquantum. Templates can be used and auto-import from existing databases is possible. IntelaTrac V4 is certified for Windows Mobile 6.5 and supports SQL Server 2008 R2 64bit.


Tour planning

The individual rounds can be planned in a clear calendar display, similar to Outlook. All possible shift systems can be configured. This means that the software can be adapted to any company.

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